The new year is a time for fresh beginnings, but this January it’ll also be a time for revisiting the Corleone family. Netflix recently announced that the acclaimed Godfather trilogy will indeed be a part of their January streaming releases.

Their Twitter announcement was quite humorous:

Widely considered to be among the greatest film trilogies of all time, the 1972 original featured Marlon Brando in his pinnacle acting role and depicted the demise of a prominent mobster family patriarch followed by his son (played by Al Pacino) who is forced to fill in as leader of the criminal family. It went on to win three prestigious Oscars, including Best Actor for Brando and the much-coveted Best Picture.

Its 1974 sequel garnered nearly just as much praise, this time depicting a younger version of Brando’s character portrayed by Robert De Niro. It also went on to win Best Picture. And while the 1990 third film failed to achieve the same tremendous effect of its predecessors, it’s still considered a perfectly adequate film that rounds out the Godfather saga.

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