Have you ever wanted to feel like a true northerner in Winterfell or like you’re hunkering down in Castle Black? Well, thanks to Lapland Hotels’ collaboration with HBO Nordic, you can currently stay at their SnowVillage resort which has just recently opened an entire ice hotel modeled directly from Game of Thrones!

The sub-zero temperatures of Finland are already perfect for sustaining a hotel of such frigid proportions, so it seemed only natural that the resort would want to capitalize on the insane popularity of the HBO show. While it may not be much for comfort (though it’s the absolute most comfortable you’ll be while sitting on ice!), the decor is unrivaled. The hotel used 44 million pounds of snow and over 771,000 pounds of ice to create the medieval-inspired statuary of White Walkers, dragons, and even the Hall of Faces. If that isn’t enough, you can also sit atop the iron (ice) throne!

Even for those family members who aren’t big on the show, the SnowVillage is still an excellent place to unwind by getting front row seats to the spectacular Northern Lights display, and even embark on a husky safari or a reindeer ride.

If you do plan on going, make sure you go before the hotel closes this April. Otherwise if you go any later there won’t be any hotel left to stay at!

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