Everyone has heard of Paris — the city of lights and arguably the most romantic city in the world. While the croissants and baguettes are notably famous, it’s the Eiffel Tower that is considered the most synonymous with Paris, France.

Every night, the tower, which is covered in 20,000 lights, illuminates the skyline with a dazzling light display that people come from all over the world to witness. Over the years, thousands of couples waited for that exact moment to propose to the love of their lives.

Well now, you can own a piece of the magic!

With 450 lights in need of retirement, the city of Paris got the idea to turn them into keepsake mementos called “Diamond Lights.” While each light is completely unique in their own way, they’re all fastened to Venetian red, riveted steel bases and accompanied by a print of Caren George’s engraving “The Eiffel Tower ablaze during the 1889 Universal Expo.”

However, if you thought these would come cheaply, you would be mistaken. Considering that purchasing one of these lights means you’re purchasing a classic piece of French history, each one is priced at €540 including tax (about $669 USD without tax).

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