With the majority of the population now embracing weed legalization, some celebs have decided to ditch the habit. Funnily enough, the reasoning is more about personal change than any kind of anti-weed talking point. At any rate, let’s dive in! Some of the names may surprise you, so watch out!

Kid Cudi

Cudi’s change came because he wanted to create a new image. Many of his fans called him “Stoner MC,” and this really bothered him, since the reputation only came from one song. He’s been very happy since separating himself from the label, and now he’s able to produce more mediocre music, without that cloud over his head.

James Franco

Sure, James Franco is notorious for his role as the drug dealer in Pineapple Express, but he never really smoked as an adult. Apparently, when he indulged as a teen, he “wasn’t able to function.” At this point, the multi-talented actor is just too busy to lose time like that.

J. Cole

He has several songs about putting the pot down, but it turns out that Cole never really had a habit to begin with. J. Cole had a weed phase in college, but that was it. It really makes quitting look much less impressive…

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