Are you a huge fan of CW’s hit new series Riverdale? Have you always felt like you wanted to sit down with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead at their beloved hangout spot, Pop’s Diner?

Well, you’re in luck, because if you’re ever in or around Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, you can walk right in. Pop’s Diner is definitely a real restaurant, but in real life, it’s called Rocko’s Diner. The best part is that the aura in the room is a near replica of what it looks like on the show.

Not only has Rocko’s Diner seen a dramatic spike in customers since Riverdale began airing, but they’re even embracing the iconic nature of the show by offering the ever-popular milkshakes that cast members are continuously seen drinking during episodes.

The “Archie Shake” can even be enjoyed in the exact booth that the quad always sits in during the show, so you can truly get the full effect. Some patrons even dressed the part on Halloween.

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Rocko’s owner Debbi Schiller isn’t new to the concept of having a Hollywood film crew in her restaurant, but she does so because she can. “One of the key things that they look at Rocko’s for is because we own our own land and building. We’re one of the last freestanding, independent restaurants on their own property,” she said.

The authenticity of the restaurant is the real draw however, so it only made sense to name some menu items after the cast, like the Jughead Burger or milkshakes that take after the names of all four main characters.

“It was kind of fun because like, ‘The Archie’ is a strawberry apple pie… he’s a red headed all-American boy. ‘The Veronica’ is a chocolate cherry cola because she’s kind of dark, got a little bit of mystery going on. And, ‘The Betty Cooper’ is a banana, caramel, pecan. She’s not as vanilla as everyone says, you know? She has some layers to her,” explained Schiller.

Though Rocko’s is undoubtedly experiencing a fun period while ushering in business, at the end of the day, it’s about giving back to the fans who are making trips just to feel like a part of the show.

“We try our darndest to, you know, take their pictures in the special booth, and the staff know about the special places, and I mean, we just try our best to cater to them as much as we can but still to our regular customers as well. We try to make it positive for everybody.”

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