Uh oh, parents! There is a new attraction in town. An appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and sharing a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table are awesome events that your child will love. But you have to add another awesome experience to the list now.

Take your child on a stroll around the Magic Kingdom in a Cinderella carriage. Give your child the royal treatment and make sure they remember the most of their trip to Disney. Your child will never get over the experience when they get to ride in an actual carriage that looks like it came out of the movie.

Wouldn’t Your Child Love This?

They get the VIP treatment, by the way. It’s not just a carriage. It’s a full-blown experience. They get to ride around in a carriage all day going from ride to ride, and shop to shop. The Disney characters come up and take pictures with the children.

Dress your child in the best carriage-riding outfit you can find. They have plenty at Disney and if you know anything about Disney, they have plenty of stores off of the park as well. Your child will be absolutely ecstatic. A whole day just for them? How often do they get that?

How About An Awesome Ride?


Not only that, but they will be driven to the Magic Kingdom in a limo. A red carpet is rolled out for them so they can stroll through the gates in style. It’s not just a carriage ride. It’s an entire experience like the little special princesses and princes that they are.

Could you imagine that experience? It goes beyond words. They get to feel like they are in the Cinderella story. All they need is the magic Godmother. Oh wait! There she is. She’s just around the corner ready to take a picture and make every dream come true.

Princess Carriage Rentals is not affiliated with Disney. But they will provide this service for only $299. Come on, Mom and Dad! You got this!

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