Tyrese Gibson has been no stranger to social media lately. The star is now taking his beef with Dwayne Johnson public.

Gibson’s anger stemmed from the delay on Fast 9 due to a spin-off around Johnson and Jason Statham. The spin-off is set to open April 2019, the time initially put aside for Fast 9. The gripe has Tyrese ready to walk out on the franchise’s ninth installment.

Gibson, who starred in six of the franchise films, is out of a job for another year and he is publicly placing that blame on Johnson. In a series of Instagram posts, the actor criticized Johnson for pitching and accepting a deal without considering what Gibson is dealing with personally.

The issue Gibson was referring to is the ongoing custody battle over his daughter that has cost him his money and peace.

Thankfully Vin Diesel has stepped up to the role of peacemaker. He suggested that the franchise needs a bit of maintenance before it gets the engines up and revving again.

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