The modern Star Trek trilogy is either amazingly brilliant or heinously sacrilegious, depending on who you ask. For the old school Trekkies, they’re decimations of the classic films, while for the general, movie-going, audience, they’re energetic spectacles that seek to tell a more meaningful story that anyone can attach to.

Regardless of your feelings on either side of the aisle, the Star Trek films have been huge moneymakers at the box office. Plus, they have received warm praise from critics. The first 2009 film grossed a very respectable $385,680,446 at the worldwide box office with Star Trek Into Darkness raking in a hefty $467,381,469 and last year’s Star Trek Beyond making $343,471,816.

It’s that last number — the lowest of the three — that has prevented the studio from green-lighting a sequel. However, two actors of the franchise have voiced their interest in returning for a fourth bout in the Enterprise.

So far, Spock actor, Zachary Quinto, and Leonard “Bones” McCoy actor, Karl Urban, have both expressed their desire to return. Urban recently spoke up while promoting his upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok at Comic-Con. He stated: “I’ll tell you if Paramount greenlights a fourth movie for us, I’ll be there. I love working with those guys and you know the fans love those characters. Yeah. It’d be a blast.”

In the meantime, you can get your Star Trek fix when Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All Access this September.

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