A roaming dog is usually an indication to stay away, since it’s likely wild and the chances of it carrying rabies are quite possible. When Tyler Wilson spotted this pooch at a gas station, however, he knew this dog was no wild animal.

He had seen the dog around town just a few days prior, but he could tell now that the dog likely needed help. The yellow Lab was super friendly and didn’t shy away when he approached. In fact, it ran up to Tyler, eager for a good scratch! As he was petting the friendly canine, he noticed a tag hanging from its collar. Expecting to find a phone number, he was pretty surprised at what he found it said instead.

“My name is Dew,” it said. “I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.” Tyler smiled quizzically at Dew, who seemed absolutely delighted to meet someone new. When Tyler got home, he decided to try and research Dew to see what he could find.

Apparently Tyler wasn’t the first to experience Dew’s affable nature. The dog was something of a celebrity in the small Kentucky town. But where exactly was his home? A little more digging yielded the answer.

The genial canine belonged to a family who lived on a 70-acre farm just outside of town. As a pup, Dew would wander away from home much to the dismay of his adoring family, but he’d always return healthy and scratch-free. He was simply an explorer, and his family decided to embrace it rather than fight it.

Dew had such a fan base in town that he even had his very own Facebook page! Humans weren’t the extent of his interaction, though, as he was very fond of other dog pals.

Dew was considered anything but a stray dog. As an explorer, he had many friends around town who collectively took better care of him than even his own family! Several pictures on the Facebook page showed people offering him umbrellas for shady afternoon naps or a trip to the grocery store where he would ride along in the shopping cart.

Dew never stayed away from home for long. He always made sure to return home at the end of the day where his warm bed was waiting.

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