Laetitia Ky is a fashion designer from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, a city on the coast of West Africa. But lately she’s been getting a lot of attention for her hair sculptures. She got the idea when she saw photos of African women and their big hair designs. But Laetitia took it a different way.

Her hair sculptures are so expressive. They paint a picture. You can tell she’s having fun with it, which is what people like to see in art. It doesn’t all have to be a political or social statement. Sometimes, artists can just have fun.

She Likes Someone In The Room

come here

“I want people to see me not just as the girl who just uses her hair, but as a creative and versatile person — because I am.” Laetitia is very creative. She uses other fabrics as well as wool and pins to get the designs the way she likes.

This Would Be Great At A Concert

hard rock

But when she does designs with hands, she has to use wires to get them in the right position. She nails it every time. She can make her hair look like anything.

One World, One Love


You have to wonder how hard it would be. She’s looking in the mirror and doing everything backward. Sometimes, I find it hard to shave my head.

Oh My, What Expression Is That?

oh my

See how much fun she has? She has a great knack for creativity. But that goes with the territory of being a fashion designer.

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