The past few years have seen a significant surge in revivals of classic TV shows that actually do well. True, there have been quite a few flops over the years, but lately they seem to be doing much better. It’s no surprise that there’s now talk of bringing back the much beloved TV comedy, The Office.

Word on the street is that it’s supposed to be happening by fall of this year!

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is if the original cast will be returning for it. Typically, that’s a key factor in whether or not a reboot does well. While there’s currently no word on the status of the majority of the cast, Dunder Mifflin’s best regional manager, Michael Scott, has already confirmed that he has no plans to be part of any revival show.

While NBC hasn’t commented on the rumor as of yet, it’s only a matter of time before they give the people what they want.

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