With The Mummy remake/reboot still in its infancy of theater release, fans of the older franchise which starred Brendan Fraser (as well as fans of the really old film from the ‘30s) might be wondering if this new venture into ancient Egyptian lore is worth the effort. After all, while the Fraser series that ran from 1999-2008 were far from high-quality filmmaking (especially the lackluster Tomb of the Dragon Emperor reboot), they’re still fondly regarded as Indiana Jones-like popcorn fanfare.

But before you assume that director Alex Kurtzman is simply throwing all of the past Mummy lore right out the window, the director has confirmed that there may be some retconning yet to come.

The new Tom Cruise-led film is a true reboot and launches the “Dark Universe” that Universal is trying to get off the ground which will feature crossovers between other classic monsters. For fans who still hold the Fraser films in nostalgic regard, though, there’s promise of some clever little Easter eggs hidden in the film for eagle-eyed viewers.

As for whether or not we’ll see Brendan Fraser return in this new universe at all, Kurtzman was mum to say. “So, all of those [previous Universal monster] films are part of the history of the Universal monsters, and as such I thought, rather than say it’s not part of the canon, let’s say, ‘No, it is part of the canon; we’re just taking it somewhere new.'”

When the director was asked about the possibility of an ancient Rick O’Connell out there somewhere, he responded, “Sure! Why not? You’re free to quote that.”

While the current Mummy film isn’t doing so well critically, perhaps the promise of a future installment bringing back Brendan Fraser in some way will drive nostalgic fans to the theater (and, you know, a future installment actually being a good movie).

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