There are so many locations in the Harry Potter films that would warmly bring nostalgia for most fans — King’s Cross, various castles used to depict Hogwarts, the Great Hall in Oxford — but for every pleasant location there’s going to be many locations which depicted some rather unpleasant feelings amongst fans.

One of those is Harry’s house in Godric’s Hollow. The one where You-Know-Who killed James and Lily on that fateful night. Infamous though it may be, there are still many Potter fans who would still clamor to visit it if they could. Well, if you happen to have a million bucks on you, you can not only visit that house but you can own it!

Located in the village of Lavenham in Suffolk, England, this six-bedroom De Vere house may not be as rundown as it was in the movie, but it’s still the same location. Unfortunately Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson did not actually film on this location, as their scenes were done on a greenscreen soundstage and then later added to the Lavenham house.

Six bedrooms isn’t the only thing this house has, though, as it also contains several entertaining spaces including a reception hall, drawing room, sitting room, dining room and two kitchens.

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