What in the world is the big stink about the Netflix documentary What the Health? Some critics say it’s an in-your-face film about why meat is bad as well as other things you are currently eating. But experts are saying that it does make some valid points even when they don’t agree with the entire premise of the film.

Kimberly Snyder is a celebrity nutritionist and a best-selling author who is featured in the film. She explains one main thing that sets this documentary apart from all the others: “What makes What the Health stand out from other food docs is how it brings to light the collusion between health organizations giving nutrition recommendations around particular diseases (breast cancer, diabetes, and so on), and big food/big pharma companies. The connection between big food business and our government has been out there — but not the health organizations, and that will be eye-opening to many.”

What The Health Features Kimberly Snyder

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Half a century ago, people listened to the government when it asserted what is healthy and what is not. These days, people are questioning the motivation behind those assertions. Does the government benefit from endorsing one thing over the other? The people are starting to think that it does.

But the film goes down some very shady roads. Like when it makes the statement, “Eating one egg is as bad for life expectancy as smoking five cigarettes.” Seriously? This is a food we’ve been eating all our lives throughout the history of eating. It’s on the food chart we were taught as kids. It’s a good thing to find out that not all experts agree.

Uh, What’s Wrong With Eggs?

What The Health

One valid point the film makes is when they discuss processed meats. Some processed meats are really not that healthy. You might as well be feeding your family plastic. But any meat you get in the store has been through some part of processing. You can eat the steak. You might want to put the box of hamburger patties down though.

A gut health specialist, Dr. Pedre asserts, “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet. To be a healthy vegan, you need to know how to combine proteins to make sure you’re getting the full range of amino acids the body needs. And even when doing that, there is no protein more efficient for the body to utilize than animal protein.”

Here! Here! Meat good!

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