If you remember anything about the ’90s then you’ll remember Steve Irwin’s famous expression, “Crikey, mate!” being uttered multiple times during each episode of his well-loved show, The Crocodile Hunter. People everywhere fell in love with the charming and charismatic Australian and his wife, Terri. Their passion for wildlife conservation and preservation was contagious, to say the least.

When news spread back in 2006 that Steve Irwin had been killed while filming some Manta rays for one of his documentaries, fans were devastated and heart-broken. Who would carry on the Steve Irwin legacy? His kids were too young at the time of his death, aged only 8 and 2.

Well now it appears they’re all grown up and ready to take on the challenge. In fact, they’ve spent their entire lives since their father’s death following in his footsteps. Both Bindi (19) and her brother Robert (13) are the spitting image of Steve Irwin, in every way. They both work with the Australia Zoo, along with their mother, and passionately educate people about all creatures, just like their father.

It’s not much of a surprise then that they’re announcing a return to Animal Planet with their very own wildlife show. While there haven’t been many details released about the project, they did confirm it will follow the same theme of their father’s show, so it’s sure to win us all over once again. Be sure to tune in to the Animal Planet next year when it’s released.

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