The bat signal flew over Gotham under Adam West’s watch back in the ’60s. Batman and Robin kept the mythological city safe from villains every time they saw that bat signal high in the sky. The other night, the bat signal flew one last time for Adam West.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Adam West’s sidekick Burt Ward were among many of the people who gathered to watch the bat signal fly above the Los Angeles skyline and land right on City Hall. People cheered as they saw the signal shine on the side of the building. It was as if they felt that web of safety one last time.

Many Say That He Was The Best Batman Of All Time

It was a nice send-off for the star everyone admires so much. He has been given the greatest accolades throughout Hollywood by all the stars who have worked with him and who have played the role of Batman. Not only that, but Hollywood itself found a fitting way to say goodbye.

Garcetti gave a speech before the lighting of the signal, saying, “Adam West taught us that each one of us had a heart of gold and that we could have a fun time doing it too. There will never be a Batman like Adam West and there will never be another Adam West.”

The Bat Signal Flew High For The Lost Batman

Burt Ward spoke a few words as well. “He would tell you that we’re all on this planet for such a very short period of time, to make the most of every day you’re here, to be with your family, be with your friends, be kind to people.”

Adam West truly had millions of fans who posted how much he meant to them and how much he would be missed. Many of them remarked that he was the best Batman to ever play the role. Ironically, the ’60s television series was a parody of the comic book. But that doesn’t matter to the fans. To them, Adam West was Batman and he always will be.

Watch Them Light The Bat Signal Over L.A.

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