What’s a more popular trend in TV and film production than nostalgia? Nothing. Even the Terminator franchise is getting in on it with their sixth installment.

The film will feature original cast members Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

Star of the film, Schwarzenegger, dropped some information on the upcoming project and revealed that the film will completely omit any remnants of the latest sequel, Terminator Genisys.

When asked about the timelines involved, Schwarzenegger simply stated, “It’s going to ignore Genisys.”

Although ignoring sequels can get messy, this one makes sense. Terminator Genisys had the most time travel, causing it to be a bit everywhere. In addition to a crazy timeline, the fifth installment also featured Emilia Clarke and with Linda Hamilton’s return, let’s face it, this franchise isn’t big enough for two Sarah Connors. Sorry, Game of Thrones fans. Someone had to go.

Terminator 6 will serve as a better continuation and simplify the timeline, although it isn’t clear how John Connor will tailor into the narrative.

Terminator 6 is not the film’s official title and, bigger plot twist, the plot of the film is unknown. Schwarzenegger himself has yet to receive the script.

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