Anna Akana has 70 acting credits to her name including This Isn’t Working, Search Bar, and Miss 2059. But, she’s also a producer and a comedian as well as a model. Imagine that! All that wrapped up in one awesome person.

She’s got a lot of great ideas and she can be followed on Youtube as well as Instagram and all over the place. If you want to become a fan, she’s not at all hard to find. Simply Google her name and you won’t know where to begin with her.

But, the image search is pretty interesting. I’ll give you that advice if it’s that hard for you to decide. When she says she’s a model, that means she’s a model. There is plenty of evidence that’s in fact what she is.

Miss 2059

miss 2059

It seems that in only a few short years from now, we will have a Beauty Queen representative in outer space competing with aliens all over the universe. Hey, it could happen. Miss 2059 is just around the corner.

Anna Akana


Because cherries are a girl’s best friend. Yes, they love diamonds too. Don’t think you can get away with giving a girl cherries instead of diamonds. That would be a really bad move. But, what is Anna Akana really into?

A Little Pole Work

pole work

The fact that she likes dancing on a pole makes her extra special to me. It’s a wonderful skill to have and it keeps a lady in shape. Everyone should pick it up and have fun with it. There should be women dancing on poles all over the place. Oh wait…

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