Ever since gamers were first introduced to the super-pixelated world of Mario Bros. back in 1983, the game and its ensuing multiple sequels and spinoffs has only increased immensely in popularity in the decades since. The game has inspired literally hundreds of various installments and updates and has become one of — if not the — most profitable game franchises of all time.

Those who have desired to race Yoshi or Bowser on the Rainbow Road in real life have been a bit out of luck….until now! While it’s been in development for a few years now, Universal Studios Japan has finally announced the addition of  Super Nintendo World area within the park.

While the theme park land will contain characters spanning several Nintendo game properties and not just Super Mario, it will be a heavy focus. Visitors will be able to explore Bowser’s castle and meet their favorite Nintendo characters.  

But the highlight of the entire land includes an actual, physical race track which will pit guest against guest….and maybe even some actual Mario Kart racers! Conceptual art for the attraction depicts a two-manned vehicle in which one person drives and the other tries their darndest to sabotage other racers’ carts, just as in the game. 

Super Nintendo World is currently scheduled to open in 2020, leaving you plenty of time to practice your racing skills!

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