What a way to find out that someone you love and respect has passed away! Matthew McConaughey was on the Red Carpet, minding his own business, talking about his latest work in The Dark Tower with Idris Elba. That’s when he was told the news about Sam Shepherd.

Sam Shepherd lived a nice, long life of 73 years old. But he finally passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Shepherd and McConaughey recently worked together in the 2012 hit Mud where Shepherd is an elderly man reluctant to help McConaughey who is playing a fugitive running from the law and trying to reunite with the love of his life.

Sam Shepherd As Tom In Mud

Sam Shepherd

In 1979, Sam Shepherd penned the play Buried Child in which he won a Pulitzer Prize. It’s a three-act play with a lot of family baggage all the way to the end. It’s what put Sam Shepherd on the map as a great playwright.

He went on to act in plenty of movies. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff. He certainly had it himself. He was a very popular writer and actor in Hollywood who will be missed by everyone who worked with him.

He Will Be Remembered For His Great Work

Sam Shepherd

But Matthew McConaughey had no idea about Sam Shepherd until a reporter put a microphone in his face on the Red Carpet and blurted it out like it was nothing. You can see the genuine look of surprise in McConaughey’s face as he registered Shepherd’s passing.

When he asked the reporter how Sam had passed away, the reporter didn’t know. What a shame. Firing a question like that at a celebrity just to see if he can get the golden moment, and he didn’t have all the details?

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