Actors and actresses are very busy people, and that is mostly because they spend a lot of time and effort on set to perfect the movies and television we so desperately crave. But sometimes these Hollywood stars are overworked, leading to more dangerous scenarios as a result of tiredness and sleep deprivation.

This seems to be the case for actor K.J. Apa, who stars as the main character, Archie, on the CW’s popular new show, Riverdale. Apa was reportedly involved in a sketchy car accident when leaving the set of the show in Vancouver, falling asleep while behind the wheel. Now, his co-stars are speaking out in frustration regarding the incident.

Apa was making the 45-minute drive from the Riverdale set in Vancouver back to his hotel after shooting for a staggering 16-hour period, which insiders say is common in the industry. But his venture took place after midnight, leading the 20-year-old to fall asleep at the wheel and crash into a light pole, subsequently totaling his car.

The actor was then rushed to the local hospital, but was fortunate not to sustain any significant injuries. The cast of Riverdale was justifiably upset about the situation, considering they had all been experiencing the same sort of fatigue that Apa was.

His co-star and friend, Cole Sprouse, among others, have raised concerns with Warner Bros. Television, calling for the studios to accommodate the cast and crew with transportation to and from the set and their hotels.

A source speaking to The Hollywood Reporter claims this sort of incident is not uncommon, and that “they’re working these kids from morning until night.”

“Someone’s going to die,” the insider warned. Though Warner Bros. Television doesn’t offer transportation to actors and crew, they do apparently compensate them for taxis or Ubers, along with nearby lodging if they don’t feel capable to commute on their own.

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