You have to suspend your beliefs when it comes to most Disney movies. That goes especially for Beauty and the Beast. The ending is a real puzzler. But, there are plenty of gaps in this story.

We’re talking about a particularly cruel time in history. Evil witches roamed the earth looking for people to mess with. They would turn a rich doofus into an ugly goat looking man just to teach a moral lesson.

That’s not a normal thing witches can do. Plus, this witch turns the whole staff into furniture and accessories. What did they do? They weren’t his property. They were just trying to earn a living and support their families. This goat faced jackwagon messed with the wrong witch.

Seriously, she meant business! In order to break the spell, this ugly Sasquatch has to find “true love.” Of course, he picks the most beautiful girl in town when any old hag looking for a roof over her head would have done the trick. But, let’s move on!

His Mean Streak

beauty and the beast

This ugly thug has to convince this beautiful lady to fall in love with him. Good luck with that! It might work since he kidnapped her and don’t let her see her dad. Perfect way into a lady’s heart.

And These Guys

beauty and the beast

If it works, the Beast owes them a lot of money. How long have they been serving him without a paycheck? Who goes to the store for food? So many questions!

Then There’s The Rose

the rose

This particular rose is the longest surviving rose in history. In my world, it would have been dead by now.

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