You have to feel bad for her when she woke up the next day. One night, she’s doing karaoke and she’s in her glory. The next day, she’s a viral video and she thinks she’s all that. But, she’s really not. Why?

Because she can’t sing. That’s the most awkward and cringe worthy thing about this video where someone is singing karaoke. She doesn’t have to be great. No one doing karaoke does. But, she thinks she is and that’s really the best part.

Watch the video and you’ll see her giving her all. She’s belting it out like she’s on America’s Got Talent. The problem is she’s the kind of talent that they make a mock show about. When they highlight the bad talent that comes through the stage, they dedicate an entire show to it because the fans love it.

She would be on that show. She would be one of the contestants who got the big highlight with the backstory and everything. Then, she walks on stage and bombs. The audience boos her off stage. She walks away with attitude talking about how she’s going to make it one day and everyone will be jealous.

Can You Hear Him Now?


Simon would look at her and say, “No, you’re not. You are so horrible, your mother should be slapped for ever letting you think you could sing. You are so dreadful, my ears have literally died. They’ve imploded inside of my head and now are oozing out of the canals I once used to hear with.”

And Britney Too


I once thought of Britney as a sweet little girl who couldn’t hurt a fly. She still comes across that way mostly. But after coaching from Simon, she can be harsh to people who don’t quite have it. The girl in this video would get the most awful expressions and quite the tongue lashing from the Princess of Pop.

But, It’s Karaoke