The U.K.-based retailer Primark has reconfigured their Oxford Street store to become a prime hub for Harry Potter fans.

The store has gone all-out, decorating their walls and lining their racks with just about any sort of Harry Potter-themed merchandise you can think of. Complete with a fairy-lit archway and letters flying high from the ceiling, customers can whisk through a wide variety of novelty items that will have you yanking out your wallets.

From clothing items like long-sleeved thermals and Quidditch robes, to satchels and bedding, Primark is offering almost anything you might need to make you and your home feel a little bit more like a wizard at Hogwarts.

Below, you can watch a tour of the store and see its endearing collection, which will definitely leave you wanting to purchase everything inside.

Towels, mugs, pillows and plush toys also line the shelves, giving you a choice of every house and theme that you can imagine. Whether you would like a comfy pair of socks or a new book on one of the Wizarding World’s many subjects, you will find it at Primark.

Most of the items being offered are under their “high street” pricing platform, meaning that the majority of things will cost under $25. The whole store will be decked out in magical fashion for a limited time, so items are expected to only be available until they are sold out.

If making the trip to the store in London isn’t a feasible thing for you, U.S. locations in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia will all be carrying some of the merchandise in limited quantities, so the good news is that there will be some opportunity to obtain these goodies stateside.

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