Pitbull has joined the list of celebrity humanitarians who are aiding those suffering from the series of hurricanes.

The Miami rapper sent a private jet to the island of Puerto Rico to rescue cancer patients so they could come to the United States to receive their chemotherapy treatments.

Jenniffer González, a Puerto Rican Congresswoman, thanked Pitbull for his efforts.

“Thank God we’re blessed to help,” said Pitbull. “Just doing my part.”

When asked to compare the hurricane to the war, Miguel Olivera, a Vietnam war veteran, responded, “The hurricane was worse.” Olivera was down to his final vial of insulin and even that was at risk of spoiling in his refrigerator.

Several celebrities have been raising money and supplies to send to those stranded on the island. Puerto Rico was left without running water and electricity following Hurricane Maria.

Singer Jennifer Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony have teamed up to launch Somos Una Voz, an alliance of artists working together to aid those struck by natural disasters.

“What’s foremost on my mind and many others is trying to figure out the best way to help,” said Lopez. “Today, Puerto Rico needs our help. I urge you to support and donate to the efforts of the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Areizaga. Together we can help rebuild our island, and the Caribbean.”

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