Known as the king of Marvel comics, Stan Lee is the original creator of such characters like Thor, Spider-Man, and Iron Man that we now hold close to our hearts through the movies. He’s a truly singular man, someone whose love and zeal for people of all ages makes him among the most genial of people in existence.

Therefore it’s with great sorrow that we learned about the passing of his wife, Joan Lee, on Thursday morning at the age of 95. She experienced a stroke earlier in the week and was hospitalized soon after.

Joan was a British hot model when she and Stan were married in 1947. The term they’ve used to describe their feelings is “hopelessly devoted to each other.”

During his 75th anniversary of working in comics last year, Stan Lee gave a description of their meeting: “When I was young, there was one girl I drew; one body and face and hair. It was my idea of what a girl should be. The perfect woman. And when I got out of the Army, somebody, a cousin of mine, knew a model, a hat model at a place called Laden Hats. He said, ‘Stan, there’s this really pretty girl named Betty. I think you’d like her. She might like you. Why don’t you go over and ask her to lunch.’ Blah, blah, blah.

“So I went up to this place. Betty didn’t answer the door. But Joan answered, and she was the head model. I took one look at her — and she was the girl I had been drawing all my life. And then I heard the English accent. And I’m a nut for English accents! She said, ‘May I help you?’ And I took a look at her, and I think I said something crazy like, ‘I love you.’ I don’t remember exactly. But anyway, I took her to lunch. I never met Betty, the other girl. I think I proposed to [Joan] at lunch.”


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