For five years during the mid-2000s, an entire generation of ‘90s kids grew up with the adventures of the red-headed Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stoppable. And let’s not forget about the naked mole rat Rufus. It was a Disney Channel staple, and now Disney is looking to perhaps cash in on a little bit of that nostalgia with a live-action movie. Disney already has a laundry list of titles that they’re adapting to live-action (including Tinker Bell and a Maleficent sequel, to name a few), but they think that Kim is precisely what the movie-going audience wants.  

Efforts are already underway to cast the leads, including the computer nerd Wade. No word yet on who Disney has in mind for the title role, if they’ve even found someone yet (Karen Gillen, anyone?). Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, the creators of the series, are hard at work creating the script, and Disney has recruited Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky (both up-and-coming directors) to direct the film.

“Mark and Bob created an enduring character and kids all over the world found a friend in her, an average girl who just happens to spend her off-school hours thwarting evil villains,” said Adam Bonnett, Disney Channels Worldwide’s executive vice president. “Although Kim Possible ‘can do anything,’ kids and tweens found that this animated redhead was just like them.”

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