The creator of the Tony-award winning Broadway hit Hamilton is going to be a father for the second time! Lin-Manuel Miranda very discreetly alluded to his wife’s pregnancy on Twitter earlier this week after appearing alongside her at the London Evening Standard Theater Awards.

Dressed superbly next to his wife Vanessa Nadal, the two posed on the red carpet, but internet sleuths immediately began to pick up on the biggest detail of the pictures — Nadal was sporting a not-so-subtle baby-bump!

When sharing the images on Twitter and tagging his wife next to the “eyes” emoji, fans immediately began asking, “Is V..?” alluding to the fact that she clearly looked pregnant.

To that, Miranda emphatically responded, “Oh hell yeah.”

After tying the knot back in 2010, Miranda and Nadal welcomed their first child, Sebastian, back in 2014, now making him 3 years old. Recently, the Broadway breakout took his son to see Hamilton for the first time, to which the toddler’s review was welcomed by millions on Twitter.

In a world that obsesses over celebrity children, surely the next focus will shift to what Miranda and his wife will name their second child!

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