Back in July of 2013, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith seemed very much in love. They were dating all over Hollywood and the paparazzi were having a heyday snapping their photos. Then, Lea got the call that turned a great day into a nightmare.

Cory had passed away. It was determined that he had a toxic amount of heroin and alcohol in his system. He had been battling substance abuse for years. He did not hide that fact. It finally got the best of him.

Lea was devastated. Obviously heartbroken, it took about five months for her to open up about his death. She went on Ellen and talked about it in December of 2013 after she had taken a break from work and from life.

Cory In The Infamous Glee Jacket

“It’s certainly been a pretty rough year, but I’ve been surrounded by such great people, such great family,” Lea told Ellen. But she did note how the paparazzi would distort the truth. They would follow her around with cameras and if she smiled, she was having a great day. If she had a frown on her face, she was taking the news hard. They were always interpreting her feelings and creating their own narrative while getting it mostly wrong the whole time.

The paparazzi even made up the bit about her and Kate Hudson being in a beef. But it was Kate who came to her rescue and gave Lea a place to stay for a while as she was going through the grieving process. Lea said that little things throughout her home would remind her of him. A pair of shoes or a picture would be hard for her to see. So, Kate Hudson’s home was a much needed escape.

The Picture Lea Michele Posted With Her Tribute

Lea Michele

Lea has done a tribute to Cory every year since he passed. But this one is a little more touching. It’s a picture of them and he appears to be wearing the infamous Glee jacket with the words, “Hard to believe it’s been 4 years… We miss you C… love you more.”

It’s definitely hard to let someone go when they were that big of a part of our lives. One day, Lea might move on. But for now, let her grieve and remember in her own way.

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