Fans of the hit comedy Last Man Standing were quite dismayed back in May when the show was suddenly canceled, despite being among ABC’s tentpole series. But hope was kindled when the possibility was announced of Country Music Television picking up the rights and continuing the Tim Allen-led show.

Well, those talks have now fallen through. The reason is reportedly due to numbers, with CMT and ABC unable to reach an agreement. After all, CMT doesn’t have nearly the amount of money to sustain a show like the Disney-owned ABC does. NBC was the other network that was in the running to pick up the rights, but they too were unable to go through with a deal due to their current running schedule.

Efforts to revive the show are still ongoing, as finding a way to bring back the show has been a priority for 20th Century Fox Television. “If there’s a way to bring it back, we will explore those opportunities,” said Howard Kurtzman, president of 20th Century Fox Television.

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