Over its six-year run, the Tim Allen-led sitcom Last Man Standing has been not only a staple show for ABC but also a desired show that attracted 5.9 million viewers at its lowest point and 12.9 million at its highest, making it the second-most viewed show on the network.

Despite such high ratings, both fans and Allen himself – who tweeted that he was “stunned” and “blindsided” – were in shock when the sitcom was cancelled this past May. While the television studio insisted that it was for financial reasons, skepticism arose based on the fact that the show was both a Friday evening tentpole for ABC and the fact that it was one of the very few major shows to promote conservative viewpoints.

The cancellation was met with instant objection, including an online petition which garnered over 380,000 signatures. Despite the pleading, however, ABC stuck firm to their insistence that the cancellation had nothing to do with its political emphasis and everything to do with other factors such as finances. After all, Last Man Standing wasn’t the only show to get the ax, as eight others were also cancelled at the same time.  

While the show never did follow the typical television series formula of cliffhangers and ongoing story arcs, its season six did conclude with some pretty significant plot points that no doubt left viewers eager to see more.

But take heart, America, as there may be hope yet! Country Music Television (CMT) has been eyeing the show for a seventh season revival. Despite making their mark with music television (obviously), it appears that CMT is hoping to branch out, as they obtained the rights to Nashville, another major dramatic show that was cancelled.

While this may come as a relief to many, bear in mind that this acquiring isn’t a guarantee yet. While ABC (a Disney-owned property) has the money to sustain many big-budget shows, the far-smaller CMT only has a fraction of the amount of money to work with, especially with a large percentage of their budget currently going towards the previously-mentioned show.

Here’s hoping that CMT and ABC can negotiate better than the folks in Congress.

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