Lady Gaga has reached so many people. She will never be able to fathom how many because there isn’t enough time in her lifetime to receive thanks from all of them. But there are special moments that remind her and this was one of them.

Lady Gaga is on tour right now on her Joanne World Tour. One of her biggest fans named Courtney, who is a photographer, was backstage and the story goes that Lady Gaga pulled her aside. They had a moment where Courtney was able to tell the megastar how much she means.

Joanne Named After Her Aunt

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Courtney is a lesbian who was afraid to come out years ago. But Lady Gaga put out “Born This Way” and it helped so many people in the LGBTQ community accept who they are and make it known. It empowered millions of fans to be more true to who they are.

That’s Courtney’s story. So, Courtney wanted to give Lady Gaga a pearl necklace that had belonged to her aunt. Since Joanne is named in honor of Lady Gaga’s deceased aunt, it seemed fitting to Courtney.

“I told her this represented a significant, powerful woman who shaped mine and my family’s life,” Courtney said. “Eventually, she agreed to keep them after I told her ‘I’m not much of a pearl girl anyways.’ She asked for my aunt’s name one more time and I reminded her that it was Lisa. I left the room with her still wearing them.”

Courtney And The Mother Monster

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During the performance, Courtney got the surprise of a lifetime. She was able to catch it on video and share it with the rest of us. It’s a powerful moment. For any fan, it would have been as serious as a heart-attack. But for Courtney, it was even more special than that.

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