For DC fans, there’s so much to be excited about with the upcoming Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon-directed Justice League, especially hot on the heels of the fantastic Wonder Woman. While superhero flicks have never shied away from shapely women in tight suits that are tailored to fit their flawless form, Justice League is no exception — especially when it comes to the incredible Amber Heard.

Heard will be playing Aquaman’s love interest Mera, the queen of the underwater world of Atlantis. While we’ve seen brief glimpses of Heard’s character throughout the trailers, a Facebook user gave us a great look at Heard in full costume. The picture offers a clear look at the green and gold Atlantean armor with Mera’s flowing red locks and the crown that adorns her head.

Amber Heard’s Mera likely won’t be a large addition to this film as she’s more than likely just an expository character that’s being shown to set up Aquaman’s own spin-off film coming in 2018. The events that take place in Justice League reportedly will have a large impact on the plot of Aquaman, so it makes sense that characters that will appear regularly in that film will be set up in this film (just as Marvel does with their own cinematic universe).

You can see Amber Heard in her amazing Amazonian armor in Justice League when it comes out this November 17.

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