John Collison pushed Evan Spiegel aside and took over the youngest self-made billionaire spot. Don’t worry! Spiegel still has a ton of money. John Collison just obtained it at an earlier age.

John Collison co-founded the company Stripe with his brother Patrick. So, obviously they are both rich. It’s just that John’s the younger of the two.

If you’d like to know how to make that kind of money, notice the key points. The company Stripe is the financial solution behind many in-app purchases. If you have an app and you buy something on it, most likely Stripe is handling that transaction.

Find Out What Millions Of People Want

john collison

So, break that down. Get into something millions of people are going to use. Apps are used by everyone, every day. Every business has an app that can be downloaded onto the new devices that used to be just phones and that’s what keeps customers in touch with their companies. Take notes. That one is important.

The second thing about John Collison’s formula is he went where the money was. That’s a major thing. Control the money. Money is spent every day by everyone everywhere. You can’t lose if you position yourself in a place where you are helping people shop.

Instead Of Sleeping In Class

john collison

How do you become the youngest billionaire? Learn coding at an early age. John and Patrick actually competed against each other when they were kids. They were teenagers when they came up with the business Auctomatic and sold it for five million a year later in 2008.

That’s all you have to do. Nothing to it. Tomorrow there will be a five-year-old who comes up with an app that teaches parents the exact language of infant utterances and that kid will be the next youngest self-made billionaire. But for now, John Collison has that spot.

Who Is The New Self-Made Billionaire?

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