So many superhero franchises have built themselves around a singular villain that has to be fought more than once, but the Marvel franchise has always stuck with the “one and done” mentality that a villain rarely, if ever, returns to fight another day. It was 2008’s Iron Man that originally set this trend with the death of Jeff Bridges’ Obadiah Stane by the movie’s end.

But Stane wasn’t always supposed to be jolted into death by thousands of watts of electricity. In fact, Bridges recently revealed a scene in the original script that was never filmed in which SHIELD agents open up the Iron Monger suit only to find that its elusive inhabitant has mysteriously vanished without a trace, opening up the possibility of the character returning in future films.

While an ending such as this would have felt contrived and cliched, it also would’ve meant that we perhaps would have seen the character return in Iron Man 2 as opposed to Mickey Rourke’s lackluster villain. Either way, the death of Stane most likely prevented such standard villain arcs being created in future Marvel films and instead allowed new actors to come in and put their stamp on the franchise.

For many fans, the interaction between Obadiah Stane and Tony Stark was a large factor in the film’s tremendous success, with Stane being the fatherly figure to a wayward and brash Tony. The two were either playing off of each other’s oddities or feeding off of each other’s leadership capabilities and desire for power. Fans who grew attached to him were likely quite dismayed at his ultimate demise, though.

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