Honesty is lost these days. It’s hard to find people who are brutally honest. That is even more true if you are in the office.

The office can be brutally harsh on everyone. No one is honest with anyone, ever, not for any reason, not in the office. People keep their emotions bottled up. Everyone’s a walking time bomb waiting to explode while keeping the medical industry and the pharmaceutical companies in business because of all the health issues that arise from stress and frustration.

What if everyone were extremely honest? I think it would be refreshing. I would love to know exactly what’s going on in a person’s mind when I first meet them. There wouldn’t be any guessing whether or not they like me, cutting my social failures down to zero.

The same goes in the office. During a negotiation on a pay raise, wouldn’t it be awesome if your boss were absolutely honest? You could know the figure your boss is willing to go instead of possibly undershooting it by thousands. But, what would absolute honesty actually look like?

Day One In The Office

the office

Could you imagine someone telling you about the attrition rate and not worrying to learn your name until they knew you were going to be around for a bit? I’ve never heard those words. But, I’ve felt that vibe before when I was just starting somewhere.

What If?

judging eyes

Sometimes, it’s important to know who certain people are in the office. Who is going to help you rise? Who is going to get you fired? Learn their names and get with the right people in the office.

The New Attitude

i dont care

Some people work so hard and get nowhere. Others put no more effort into the job than what they need in order to keep it. How is it that it seems they get promoted more often and end up going higher on the ladder?

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