There are going to be mistakes. People are always going to make them. Sometimes, they can’t help it. Something happens that they don’t know how to deal with and all chaos breaks out.

Can’t be avoided. But sometimes, mistakes are made by sheer stupidity. People not watching what their doing. People not knowing any better. That’s when it gets hilarious.

A guy smashing his own truck with a tree might be an insurance headache, but tell me if you don’t laugh when you see it. These are some rip roaring epic fails that bust a gut every time you watch them.

Watch an entire warehouse get demolished by Speed Racer on a forklift who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Shelving collapses across the aisle and knocks other shelving over while the driver is underneath of it all getting buried alive. It’s non-stop hilarity from watching a truck lose its load to watching people fall all over the place.

Hopefully, some of these people have good insurance. It looks like they need it for their medical bills as well as to replace the damage that they caused. It’s probably a stupid question, but I wonder if any of them kept their jobs.

He Had To Know It Was Not A Good Idea

Kegs aren’t anything to play with. You have to be careful, especially when you’re about to go down a ramp with something that weighs more than you. I can’t get over how he held onto the dolly.

This Is Just Too Much

I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this. It caught me by surprise and it went so fast that I had no control. That’s how the rest of these are going to go.

Get Ready To Roll In 3, 2…