If you don’t know, it’s pretty hard to break up a street fight. You can’t just walk up and stop two guys from fighting. Oh, but wait a minute! Maybe you can!

The scenario starts off as crazy as ever. Two teenagers about to throw down. They start scuffling. Everyone’s running their videos. A whole bunch of teenagers are getting their rocks off because they get to watch a fight. They get to have some drama in their life. But then, that’s about it.

That’s about the moment when Ibn Ali Miller walks up into the fight. But, it’s not your normal breakup. Ibn walks up between the two fighters and starts talking to them like these teenagers need these days. They get too much punishment without explanation. They get too many rules for no reason. But, Ibn makes sense to them.

The Street Fight


It’s that mob mentality. If you have friends standing around you egging you on to get into a fight, they’re not really your friends. They don’t care if you get hurt or get in trouble just as long as you provide them with some Youtube footage and see if they can get some Likes.

But, Ibn Walks In


When these teens hear the truth, they know it. That’s what’s good about the truth. People know it when they hear it. Even when it’s hard to take, they know it’s the truth. People have to check themselves when they hear the truth and Ibn just might have that perfect voice to spread it.

Ibn Gets Honored For His Actions