The Oscars are a big night for celebrities and all the fans watching across the nation. They go to win and they all have a chance. But, not everyone walks away with an Oscar. Yet, they still walk away a winner just for being nominated.

The Oscars are a huge night and everyone is on their best because pictures are being taken and celebrities are rubbing elbows. It’s actually a good night for everyone…that is until a particular slip up. This one was a huge one.

Can you imagine thinking you won and you didn’t? How about add to that the fact that you walk up to the stage to accept your award, you give a huge speech about all the people you’d like to thank that helped your dreams come true, and then…BAM!

“Um sir, we’re sorry. But, you didn’t win. Give me the Oscar back.”
“No. You announced us.”
“Give me the Oscar back. Someone else won!”

It Happens


Steve Harvey is a great man that has done some awesome things. For some reason though, he’ll never live down that moment when he said the wrong name to announce the winner of the Miss Universe pageant. It was like that blooper was going to stand the test of time. And here I am reminding you about it again. But, Jimmy Kimmel said it first. It’s his joke. Blame him.

Not This Bad Though


But, it’s not the worst embarrassment in history. There have been far worse. Like South Carolina in the Miss America pageant. Her answer to a simple question was not coherent. No one could understand what she was trying to say and she was proud of her answer. At least, she looked like she was. It’s probably a moment she would like to forget and here I am reminding you. You know, that’s the kind of guy I am.

Things happen! Did they get the wrong card? Did the cards get mixed up? What happened could have happened to anyone. But, it was cringe worthy and it’s worth watching again…and cringing all over again.

That Cringe Worthy Moment At The Oscars