If you like staying in nice hotels, this is a particularly interesting one for you to check out. How do you feel about staying in the home of a famous drug dealer though? Would it put your mind at ease if I added that the drug dealer no longer lives there? That’s because he’s dead.

Take A Stroll Out Onto The Beach

Pablo Escobar

The home of Pablo Escobar in Tulum, Mexico has been transformed into a vacation spot. That’s one thing about it. He made so much money that this mansion was so huge, it could be converted into a hotel with 24 rooms for people to stay.

If you’re a Narcos fan, live the life for a night or a weekend. You’ll be able to enjoy the many amenities Pablo took for granted. At a net worth of about $30 billion, you would think he would have learned how to relax and enjoy the mass wealth he had accumulated. But no, he kept playing around and got himself dead.

Art Dealer Lio Lamca talked about his amazement that he was able to buy the place.

“I purchased the property because I thought it was insane. I could not believe that in this world, a property like this still exists and hasn’t been taken over by a corporation.”

Your Bed Is Way Back There In The Back

Pablo Escobar

That is amazing! But it’s a possibility that corporations never thought of the idea and probably didn’t want associated with it. Can you imagine what the world-renowned art dealer has done with it?

You can stay in a regular hotel anytime. Book yourself some time in a mansion that Pablo Escobar only used for a vacation spot every once in a while. But don’t get too much into it. They won’t let you take your gold-plated 9 mm with you, and you’ll have to leave your cocaine at home.

The Home That Pablo Escobar Built

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