Whether you loved the animated juggernaut that was Frozen or thought it was just fluff, you have to admit one thing: that movie is just begging to be a Broadway theatrical production! With songs that are larger than the characters who are singing them and mesmerizing set pieces, it’s precisely what Disney CEO Bog Iger was thinking when he commissioned Disney Theatrical Productions president Thomas Schumacher to adapt the big screen film for the big stage.

Disney just recently unveiled some small details behind the creative process of the show’s production, and we think it looks absolutely brilliant. The musical will go deeper into the mind of Elsa and explore her varying emotions and will even be tripling the songs from seven to 21. Those looking for a more grown-up approach to the story will be thoroughly pleased.

A sister moment during rehearsal. | 📷: @michaelgrandage

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With a two-and-a-half-hour runtime, the musical is expected to expound on the plot and the characters laid forth in the movie. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez — who wrote the songs for the original movie — will be back to write even more mind-sticking songs, while Frozen’s screenwriter and director, Jennifer Lee, is also returning to write the script.

We’ve finally arrived in Denver! Ready to fully bring our show to life on this stage.

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The Broadway production is set to open this coming spring but will debut on August 17 through October 1 at the Buell Center for the Performing Arts in Denver.

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