If you’ve been to any amusement park, you know the problems. Compound that by a hundred times and you have Disney. But there are solutions on the way for the toughest struggles you face when trying to have fun at the Disney amusement parks.

How old does it get standing in line for a ride? Seriously! If you are in the gates first thing in the morning after they do their security check and you wade through the long line of other people trying to be first, you might get on one ride that doesn’t have a line. That is if you’re first.

Ramp Up The Time It Takes To Get Something To Eat

The rest of the day is a series of moving two feet per minute and getting on a ride every hour on average. That’s a lot of hassle just to have a little fun. Then the ride lasts a few seconds. You wait all that time to go on a ride that is over so fast, you’ll miss it if you blink. Only to go back at it again on the next ride.

So, how is Disney combating this? Well, they haven’t quite figured out how to shorten lines on the rides or to make them go any faster. But they have dealt with the eating situation. At least, they have a prototype in place that they are testing on the Satu’li Canteen. They say it will most likely test positive and then spread throughout the rest of the park to all the other eating facilities.

Of Course, There’s An App For That

You can order your meal before you get to the canteen. Then you can let them know you’re there when you get close. They’ll start making your meal for you and your whole family so that it doesn’t have to sit under a heating lamp for a long time waiting for you.

Walk up to the front of the line and grab your order. That is one less hassle out of the way. You may have to continue struggling with rides. But when the family gets hungry, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about on a long, hot day at Disney.

At Least You Won’t Get Hungry At Disney

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