With music being such an integral part of the story, this movie utilizes some exceptional talent to make that music as good as it can be. Composer Michael Giacchino utilizes Spanish music to bring his score to life, with skilled guitarists supplementing that score. Also included are some very touching original songs (don’t worry, it isn’t a musical) that lend themselves well to the movie’s overall theme.

One of the film’s greatest aspects, however, are the various twists that take place as the movie progresses. Just when you think you’ve gotten the movie pegged, it veers in a direction that you didn’t see coming. Just when it resorts to standard storytelling, it throws a monkey wrench into the mix that make for some pretty satisfying reveals.

And this is where the movie really finds its heart and soul. It’s nothing new to say that a Pixar movie has heart, but it’s always so refreshing to see at a time when most animated movies resort to fart jokes to keep the kiddos laughing. Coco isn’t content to simply resort to conventional storytelling. It strives to go for an angle that you most likely wouldn’t think possible in a movie of its type. Watch out, though — you just might find yourself tearing up a bit!

In a nutshell:

While it isn’t up there in the echelon with the likes of The Incredibles or Up or Monsters Inc., Coco is nonetheless an engaging film that captures you with its sheer mesmerizing beauty and uses it to pull you into a heart-felt story. Expertly crafted and with a genuine sense that the filmmakers truly care about the subject matter, Coco is precisely the kind of film that Pixar excels at: an experience that’ll leave you feeling like a slightly better person afterwards.

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