A new generation of Karate Kid fans are in store for something awesome. That is if the new Karate Kid can hold up to the 1984 hit fans enjoyed way back then. What am I talking about?

Fans will be pleasantly surprised when they hear that Karate Kid is coming back with the original players. But it’s a series. It’s not going to be a movie. It’s going to be about 10 episodes and it has been green lit on the YouTube Red outlet that is trying to step up and compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

The Iconic Scene That Made The Movie Great

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Wow! That was a lot to say in one sentence. But I got it all in there. The series is actually going to be named Cobra Kai after the original dojo where Johnny, played by William Zabka, trained. William Zabka will be in the series as a guy who appears to have hit rock bottom and decides to open up the dojo again to spark his rivalry with Daniel.

Daniel was played by Ralph Macchio. He appears to have signed on to the new series as well. His character at this point in time is a very successful man. But he’s struggling with the fact that he has lost his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. No longer sure how to “wax on, wax off” for himself, Daniel gets sucked into his rivalry with Johnny and we’ll see where it goes from there.

The Iconic Actors Who Made The Movie Great

karate kid

Where does it go? Has Johnny renewed his hatred for the kid who did absolutely nothing to him or has Daniel’s success made the rival a hater? Does Daniel have something Johnny wants? Is this going to be a Soap Opera or an action-packed sequence that Karate Kid fans have grown to love? Only YouTube Red holds the answers.

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