Other than his amazing acting skills, Christian Bale is known for his athletic good looks and his incredible body shape that he first gained for such films as The Fighter and the Dark Knight films. Over the course of his career, he’s undergone numerous physical changes, from losing 63 pounds for The Machinist to gaining back 100 more in muscle for Batman.

Now Christian Bale is gaining some more weight, but not in muscle. He wowed attendees of the Toronto International Film Festival recently when he showed up looking a bit more plump than he usually does, stating he’s been consuming “a lot of pies” in preparation for his role in the upcoming Adam McKay-directed Dick Cheney biopic.

Titled Backseat, the film doesn’t have a release date but will likely release in 2018. It will also mark the first time Bale has worked with McKay since 2015’s The Big Short. Sam Rockwell is slated to play George W. Bush; Amy Adams is playing Cheney’s wife; Bill Pullman is former vice president Nelson Rockefeller; and Steve Carell will be portraying former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

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