It’s another case where someone in office thinks he’s above the law. But wait a minute. It appears he is above the law because Chris Christie is not going to have any consequences to face for using a beach that was closed for budgetary reasons.

So, the beach is closed to everyone in New Jersey and Chris Christie is the one who closed it. But does he have to stay off the beach? No. In fact, it looks like he took his whole family and made a day of it.

What would happen if someone else had done that? Would they have been fined? Would they have to spend any time in jail for trespassing or whatever law applies? They probably would have faced some kind of punishment.

The Actual Photo Of Chris Christie

Chris Christie

But not Chris Christie. In fact, he smiled at the camera and relished in his obnoxious arrogance. He wasn’t apologetic, either, when he was asked about it. He said, “We have a right to be there whenever we want to be there.”

Wow! What a guy! He closes off the beaches for everyone else. But he thinks he can take his family and plop down on the sand any time he wants. That’s the kind of thing that shows us the true character of a government official when they think they are above the lowly subjects of their kingdom.

But it didn’t go unnoticed. Two guys are being called unsung heroes for what they did. Jersey Shore lifeguards are calling them “Larry and Tom” who built themselves a sand sculpture of Chris Christie on the beach.

The Sand Sculpture To Remind Chris Christie

Chris Christie

It was there for the Fourth of July celebrations that were made possible by the beaches being opened again. Christie announced that he had come to an agreement with Democrats on the budget and that the beaches would be reopened. The governor will be heading out of office soon, and who knows if he has any further political aspirations?

What he should take with him is the notion that he can’t abuse any power of any office. But that won’t happen. All he’ll get is to be the butt of a viral meme that epitomizes his political career.

He Is Not Even Apologetic About It

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