It wouldn’t be such big news if it weren’t for the fact that it’s pretty big news. Underage drinking at concerts is not anything new. But Chance the Rapper’s concert in late July resulted in about 90 hospitalizations for underage drinking.

Of course, underage drinking has been happening since they passed laws that established an age to drink. It was like the next day kids went out and got themselves tee-totaled because that’s what kids do. They don’t have to listen to those kinds of laws because kids aren’t responsible for any kinds of laws.

Even though that’s not really correct. That’s just how they feel. So, they get some old guy at the liquor store to buy them some booze and then they hit the concert. Outside concerts are the best because they offer the easiest access to sneak booze into the party.

This Has To Be A Record

chance the rapper

Kids who dropped the ball on preparations can show up at the concert and get booze there. It’s not like there isn’t enough to go around. After all, it’s a party. Where there is a party, there is money. And where there is money, there is an entrepreneur who is there to supply everyone with whatever they need.

The thing is that some of these drinks are way out of the legal category. We’re not talking just beer and whiskey, which is bad enough. But stuff like lean drinks exist. Lean is made with a prescription cough syrup mixed into Sprite along with some Jolly Ranchers.

It’s Not The Kind Of Record You Want To Have

chance the rapper

When a prescription cough syrup says take one tablespoon every four hours, it says that for a reason. But kids will be drinking it like it’s going out of style and lean has actually sent people to their graves. It’s that serious!

Now, I’m not saying it was lean that sent all these people to the hospital. But 90 people being hospitalized is not only some kind of nightmarish record for a rapper, it’s also a good indication that these kids weren’t just downing good ol’ fashioned brew. They were drinking something a little more potent and they were drinking like there was no tomorrow. For some of them, there almost wasn’t.

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