If anyone knows where Emma Watson’s rings are, she’s calling out for help.

Watson spent time at the Mandarin Oriental Spa when she put her three rings in a safe in the wall. She forgot to retrieve them before she left the spa and now they are missing.

Someone accidentally found rings in the safe and decided to take them home.

Emma Watson And Her Mother

Emma Watson

Watson is taking desperate measures to get her ring back, turning to the public for help. She created an email address in which you can send tips to if you know anything about her rings. Most likely, she hired an assistant to weed through the emails, because we are sure she is getting bombarded.

The email address is [email protected] She is encouraging people to email with any information about the missing rings, who might’ve taken them, and how she can retrieve them. It’s in true Watson form that she is acting more like the girl next door than a celebrity. She is posting about her missing jewelry in the same way that a child posts about his lost dog in a neighborhood. Humbly, she just asks for help and information. Most celebrities wouldn’t go about it this way.

Emma Watson’s Post On Facebook

Emma Watson

These rings, though beautiful, are small and don’t appear to be that expensive. Perhaps they mean something very personal to Watson, and it isn’t about the cost or the look.

Do you think she will get them back? Do you think they are sold already? Do you think someone that visited the spa that day is now wearing the rings, bragging to friends about their theft? We hope not. Best of luck to Emma!

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