Back in December of last year, actor and comedian Stephen Fry decided to get a “flu jab” in preparation for the fast-approaching winter season. It was at that appointment that he also decided to have a general check-up while he was there. You can imagine his surprise when the doctor discovered prostate cancer cells.

The star was faced with two options: undergo radiotherapy or have his prostate removed. Fry chose surgery, which took place earlier this year in January. The procedure also removed 11 lymph nodes, but thankfully, he said that the whole thing “went well.”

The actor just recently revealed this battle with cancer to his fans and the public in a 12-minute video which was posted to his website. In the video he says, “For the last two months I’ve been in the throes of a rather unwelcome and unexpected adventure. I’m sorry I haven’t felt able to talk about it until now, but here I am explaining what has been going on.”

The video, which can be found below, goes into full detail about the whole experience. Fry is well on the road to recovery, though, and is already making public appearances.

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