Every year we get anywhere from two to three Marvel films (on top of the various DC and X-Men films), and every year we hear the naysayers spout off the usual rhetoric about how there are too many Marvel movies and they’re inundating the market and it’s going to collapse on itself and on and on it goes. Yet every year it seems that those pesky superhero films always perform well at the box office, on top of being a smash hit.

This is because Marvel has figured out the magic formula to making nearly all of their films feel fresh and unique from the last one. Can you honestly compare Iron Man to Doctor Strange, or Ant-Man to Guardians of the Galaxy? From what we’re hearing, Black Panther is shaping up to be a totally unique-looking film aesthetically, and it seems like many people can’t wait to see it.

The movie is currently on track for a $170 million opening (in North America) when it releases this weekend, up from $100 million on January 25. With numbers like that, Black Panther will have no problem beating out the current February record-holder, which is Deadpool. The merc with a mouth made $152 million on its opening weekend two years ago. Even if it drastically underperforms, though, Black Panther will still take over the number two spot where Fifty Shades of Grey currently sits with $93 million.

Surveys conducted on Monday indicated that 65 percent of people showed a “definite interest” in seeing Black Panther, while Fandango has revealed that pre-sales are currently higher than any other Disney-Marvel film in the first quarter. It’s even receiving overwhelmingly positive critic reviews, as it currently holds a 97 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Black Panther arrives in theaters this Thursday for early viewings.

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